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Retired Navy Author Bob Stockton
Bob Stockton, 2010

Fighting Bob by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy
Stories from the US Navy: I
A Suicide in the Mediterranean
by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy

ISBN: 978-1457533556

Radarman Second Class Zack Martin finds himself with time for reflection while taking a smoke break on a moonlit early morning aboard a Navy aircraft carrier. He’d prefer to be almost anywhere else than aboard a “damned bird farm” crossing the Gibraltar Strait. The veteran sailor is not happy and longs to find a way to get back to destroyer duty in the Pacific.

The trick will be to accomplish that without sinking his Navy career. Carrier sailors find it challenging to transfer back to the surface fleet, and an ensign fresh from training who is bursting with self-importance isn’t helping matters. Yet another bungled job by a shipmate leads to a life-altering decision by the brass and before long Martin may have the opportunity he’s always wanted. In hindsight, however, he might have wanted to stay right where he was.

Drawing on author Bob Stockton’s twenty years as a Navy man, Stories from the US Navy: I. A Suicide in the Mediterranean puts readers in the heart of the action aboard an aircraft carrier and its dedicated crew.

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Listening To Ghosts by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy
Listening to Ghosts
by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy

ISBN: 978-1-4500-7653-1

Colorful memoir from twenty-year navy veteran recounts the author’s experiences growing up in a northeastern working class neighborhood and his adventures in the U.S. Navy of the mid-twentieth century

Listening to Ghosts, Bob Stockton’s memoir about growing up in a workingclass neighborhood in Trenton, New Jersey, and how he escaped to the U.S. Navy, details the lively ups and downs of a career navy man as he comes of age and learns invaluable life lessons both personally and professionally.

One of the few navy men who has served in the subsurface navy (in diesel electric submarines), Bob also served in the surface (destroyer) navy, in Vietnam in a patrol gunboat, and in the aviation navy on carriers and in reconnaissance attack squadrons.

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Fighting Bob by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy
Fighting Bob
by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy

ISBN: 978-1-4634-3073-3

“You are most suited to complete the mission that I require.”

With those spoken words I began a ten day journey with the ghost of my great-great-great grandfather Commodore ‘Fighting Bob,’ a journey filled with adventure, danger and conquest. I would witness the duels with British Officers while narrowly avoiding capture and imprisonment, subdue both Barbary Pirates and savage tribesmen and invade the California Territory, wresting it from rebel armies in pitched battle.

Why was I selected? What skills or knowledge did I possess that I was the one uniquely qualified to carry out his mission?

It wasn’t long before the answer to these questions and more would be revealed. I was about to embark on an unforgettable odyssey.

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Counting Coup: The Odyssey of Captain Tom Adams
by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy

ISBN: 978-1-4836-0693-1

The story of the way west in the early nineteenth century was often a tale of danger, death and unspeakable suffering. The early trappers and mountain men forged the trails westward for the pioneers that followed and became part of the legend of the American West. Of this hardy breed of early venturers one name stands out above the rest: Kit Carson. Many stories of his bravery, often wildly exaggerated filled eastern bookshelves

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